This is my beautiful friend Liz! Liz’s family moved in next door to my family a few years ago, so I’ve been able to watch Liz grow all through middle school and become the most wonderful person. A few months ago, I got a call from my mom that Liz had been diagnosed with cancer, specifically Stage Four Classical Hodgkins Lymphoma, Nodular Sclerosis. I remember thinking that that was completely ridiculous because Lizzie is sincerely one of the kindest, funniest, sweetest girls on earth and how could someone like her get cancer? It’s not fair.

Because Liz’s cancer was very aggressive, her treatments were aggressive. She started chemo right away, and I witnessed her bravery through the havoc that chemo wreaks on the body, through losing her hair, through not being able to go to school with her friends, through missing out on playing lacrosse-all of these things that a 16 year old shouldn’t even have to think about going through. The most amazing part of it all though was that I never heard Lizzie complain once. Not once. I would catch myself complaining about things more than she ever did. Liz has taught me that attitude is everything, and that the best way to rise to a challenge is to do it with determination and positivity.

We took these photos a couple weeks ago because the chemo worked and Liz is now in remission!!! Liz, thank you for being your wonderful self and for showing all of us what true inner beauty and bravery really is. We absolutely love you. <3 Enjoy!!

2016-01-22_0001 copy2016-01-22_0002 copy

2016-01-22_0003 copy2016-01-22_0004 copy
2016-01-22_0005 copy2016-01-22_0006 copy
2016-01-22_0007 copy2016-01-22_0008 copy

January 22, 2016 - 6:16 pm

Faith Watov - That is my amazing beautiful granddaughter. It touches me that others would recognized hat Liz is special and unique.

July 23, 2017 - 11:28 am

Class of 2018: Liz » Haley Graham Photography Blog - […] guys might remember Liz from this photoshoot that we did right after she finished chemo.. AND LOOK AT HER NOW. We shot those about a year and a […]

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