The Class of 2014

Dear Class of 2014,

I honestly can’t believe another year is coming to a close, and I’m sure you guys all feel the same way because time seems to fly by sooo quickly. I love making end of the year blog posts because I get to back through all of your senior sessions  and look at your wonderful faces, and as cheesy as it sounds I am so thankful for every single one of you because you give me a chance to have a dream job where I meet the most amazing people every single day.

I’m sure you guys have heard so many speeches and read so many notes these last few weeks about how you will all go and change the world and you can do anything and all that stuff, and while I do believe that’s 100% true, I sort of want this message to be a little bit different, because something has been on my mind lately and what better place to write it out then a blog post!

College is really really fun and you have the chance to do absolutely anything. But I think we get really caught up looking at everyone’s instagrams and facebook pictures and start to get that feeling of “Everyone is having the most amazing time except for me what am I doing wrong.” And that can lead to a lot of loneliness. So I want this post to tell you sometimes in college, you’re going to feel lonely, stressed, homesick, out of place, and not good enough, and I want you to know that you are not alone in those feelings. I wish more people would talk about this kind of thing instead of just posting about all the great moments, because I think we isolate each other by not talking about it. So if you get to school next year and are having a hard time, know that it’s ok to reach out for help to your friends, your family, doctors, teachers, ANYONE, and that you are not alone. If you don’t want to party, you don’t have to party! If you want to join a sorority, join a sorority! If you want to switch from being a business major to an art major, SWITCH! Actually, you don’t even need to know what your major is right away, you don’t even need to have a general IDEA. In fact, if you get to school and you feel like it’s just not the right place for you at this time in your life, you don’t even have to stay. Do what feels right for you, do what makes you happy, and don’t let the pressure of the world tell you what to do and lock you into a place you don’t want to be in.

I really believe every single one of you has something absolutely amazing to contribute to the world, but it’s ok to take your time in doing that and do it in your own way. Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s, remember that instagram is not real life, and remember that staying true to yourself is ALWAYS the right way to go. Be there for each other. I love you guys and I’m so so proud of you. Thank you for being so completely wonderful.




Class of 2014 Review
Class of 2014 Review
Class of 2014 Review

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